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ECOBAG - Packaging manufacture

AnysewVetnam is a multinational high volume manufacturer of fabric bags, canvas bag, meshbag,polyester bag for buyers across a broad range of market sectors, including high street retailers, promotional companies, independent stores and online and express delivery retailers. We also supply food and industrial markets.

We own and operate 400 workers factory located in Ha Tinh, Vietnam and 1 print factory in Ha noi.
All production plants are professionally managed by industry professionals and undergo continuous strict audit and approval processes to ensure they are operational to the highest level of health & safety, ethics, environmental and quality standards globally.

We operate a high level of flexibility and can manage any logistical challenge that presents itself, shipping product daily all over the world.

Our mission is to work closely with professional buyers to supply the highest quality product in a way that best suits their needs. This means we adapt to each buyers’ unique system, budget, stockholding and distribution requirements.

Simply put – the buyer is our priority, and our work practices are tailored to suit their needs.

 mesh bag, cotton bag, polyster bag, tote bag, cloth face mask, cotton face mask, coverall, canvas bag, ecobag


1. Canvas Tote bag, canvas bag, string bag.

2. Mesh bag- Vegetable bag- Net bag- shopping bag

3. 100% polyester reuseable folder shopping bag

4. Shoes bag, garment bag

5. Jute bag

6. Washing bag

7. Comestic bag

8.  Fabric Storage box

9. Car cover 


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