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 mesh bag, cotton bag, polyster bag, tote bag, cloth face mask, cotton face mask, coverall, canvas bag, ecobag

Pre-production inspection
Mid-production inspection
Final inspection

 This allows us to eliminate any potential setbacks and identify issues prior to production, so we can rectify those quickly and efficiently before production begins.

 Our random, mid-production inspection ensures that the quality of the goods is maintained throughout the production cycle (cutting, dying, sewing, finishing and washing) and that the production schedule is being followed.

This is a random inspection hours prior to completion of production. It confirms final quantity and quality.

The entire process takes place with our clients deadlines in mind, so that we provide short lead times that deliver the product on time. This is something that few other apparel sourcing companies can provide that. If you would like to learn more about our apparel sourcing company, take a moment to fill out the contact form to your right.

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